The Hospice G.E.N.I.E. and a Wish Granted

March 2024

We want to share with you a heartwarming story about Mary Helen Morneau. A beloved resident at our Hospice, Mary touched the lives of many, while facing the challenge of terminal cancer with strength and grace. Once she was settled into our care, Mary quickly became a cherished resident; her shy smile and feisty spirit charmed both staff and volunteers.

“She was just the sweetest!” said Hospice Spiritual Care Practitioner, Maria. “While at our Hospice, Mary enjoyed important time with family, visits from our resident canine physician ‘Dog-ter’ Baxter, and worked with her loved ones to create beautiful legacy items and keepsakes.”

While chatting with Mary, our team realized she was a huge fan of the Windsor Spitfires – especially since her great-nephew, Noah, plays for the team! Our Hospice team put their heads together and planned a special outing for her using the G.E.N.I.E. Program.

The G.E.N.I.E. Transport program, a collaboration between Hospice and Essex-Windsor EMS, was launched in 2022 to offer exceptional experiences to patients receiving Hospice care. Through this program, we offer the opportunity for patients receiving Hospice care, whether in Hospice Residences or in their own home, to request special trips or outings. We aim to bring moments of joy and happiness to individuals facing the challenges of a terminal illness.

The G.E.N.I.E. vehicle, true to its mission, provided a safe and comfortable ride for Mary. And, G.E.N.I.E.’s custom fitting allowed her sister-in-law, Denise, to ride along. Off they went to the Spitfires game, where they met up with a group of family and friends.

The generosity of the Windsor Spitfires allowed Mary and her loved ones to enjoy the game with a great view from a suite. “It was so exciting to watch the game from the suite,” says Denise, “Mary could see all the action!”

While at the game, Mary cheered passionately for Noah. “It couldn’t have been better,” smiles Denise. “Noah actually scored a goal and then was named one of the Stars of the Game. To top off the night, the Spitfires mascots, Bomber and Ace, came up to visit and took selfies with Mary. She was thrilled, they just made her night!”

Essex-Windsor EMS personnel, dedicated volunteers for the G.E.N.I.E. program, shared their enthusiasm for providing these special rides. As one EMS driver shared, “The opportunity to provide a service that brings people such joy is a wonderful chance for us to see people having some of their best days.”

Once the evening concluded, the EMS team safely delivered Mary back to the comfort of her Hospice suite, with a full heart, and lasting memories.

The impact of your support can extend the reach of programs like G.E.N.I.E., allowing us to create more extraordinary experiences for people like Mary. Please consider contributing to our cause and helping us continue to grant impactful experiences and memorable moments to individuals under Hospice care.

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