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Staff and Volunteer-Led Programs

Palliative Care goes beyond just clinical needs.

We support patients and their loved ones in many ways through our programs and services. These programs include peer support groups, coping with illness, gentle exercise, transportation, children-centered programming, education, grief and bereavement, and many more. These programs are offered at both our Windsor Wellness Centre, and our Erie Shores Welcome Centre.

Social Work and Spiritual Care

Social Work Services

A life altering diagnosis can be distressing for both the person living with the diagnosis and their loved ones. People often have many questions and emotions, like fear, anger, and sadness. This also impacts everyday life such as employment, finances, housing, and the need for additional healthcare supports. The Hospice offers free on-site or in-home social work support.

All of our social workers are registered and specialize in supporting you or your loved ones with:

  • Coping with you/your loved one’s diagnosis
  • Counselling to restore, maintain, and enhance emotional wellness
  • Helping address other lifestyle changes, including financial and housing concerns

Spiritual and Religious Care Services

Spirituality is the relationship with ourselves, others, nature, and the transcendent. This includes our personal beliefs, what we value, how we make meaning, and how we understand our place in life.

We recognize that access to Spiritual Care can help people cope with illness, as well as help lessen pain and anxiety at end-of-life. Our Spiritual Care Practitioners work alongside our clinical team, in addition to collaborating with your local faith community.

We can work with you to address and explore the hard questions that arise near end-of-life, as well as offer empathetic listening and emotional support to clients, patients, and their loved ones with dignity and integrity.

For more information about Hospice’s Social Work and Spiritual Care Programs, please contact us at 519-974-7100.

The Hospice is committed to providing holistic services to patients and their families, whatever their needs may be.

General Volunteer-Led Programs

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Volunteer-Led Programs can take many forms at our Hospice, and include fitness classes, music classes, sewing and more! Click below to view our Events Calendar, which includes a number of in-person and virtual pograms.

Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies help individuals increase comfort, relieve pain, and improve quality of life.

Our Hospice offers services, including The Radiance Technique®, Therapeutic Touch®, and Reiki.

For more information please contact us at 519-974-7100.

Educational Programs

Educational Programs


Thanks to the generous support of Don and Gail Rodzik, and the Don and Gail Rodzik Education Endowment, our individual team members receive financial support to pursue continuing education opportunities related to palliative care. In addition, the endowment also funds wider, monthly group education opportunities.

These monthly Hospice Education Sessions are open to staff, volunteers, and community partners, and cover a wide variety of topics. Click below to view our Event Calendar, and see upcoming Education Sessions.

Transportation Program

Using multiple vans and a group of dedicated volunteers, The Hospice’s Fairley Family Transportation Program provides to people across Windsor and Essex County.

Our volunteer drivers are happy to assist Hospice patients with transportation to and from Hospice programs and services, as well as other medical appointments. All of our rides are offered at no cost.

We are also very grateful to have been able to expand The Fairley Family Transportation Program to include a second initiative. The G.E.N.I.E. Program (Granting Exceptional N’ Impactful Experiences) offers the opportunity for patients receiving Hospice care, whether in Hospice Residences or in their own home, to request special trips or outings.

Thanks to our partners at the County of Essex and Essex-Windsor EMS, we are able to provide safe and accessible rides to patients who want to attend one last family reunion, spend a few hours at a local park, or even visit their family home one last time – creating a memorable experience for them and their loved ones.

For more information about Hospice’s Fairley Family Transportation Program, please contact us at 519-974-7100.

Transportation Program