Spring Letter: Two Moms. Two Families. A Singular Love.

April 2022

Spring Letter: Two Moms. Two Families. A Singular Love.

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Two Moms. Two Families. A Singular Love.

Stan and Lu had been married for 72 years. They were still madly in love, living in their own home, enjoying the company of their family, and living their lives to the fullest. Although aging, with the support of their family, they were coping well…until they were stunned by the news that Lu had terminal cancer. As they always had, the family rallied around them, and collectively they were managing.

Until, “One day Mom sadly commented to us, ‘My husband of 72 years is now my caregiver,’” says Janine, one of Stan and Lu’s daughters. “That was when we realized that this 93-year-old man needed to become Mom’s husband again. We could see the care she required was wearing him down. It was wearing all of us down.”

The decision was made to move Mom to
the Hospice residence in Windsor.

“We have a big, loving family,” says Janine, “but our family grew by leaps and bounds that day. We gained a family that we’d never imagined – the Hospice Family. They walked with us on our journey, and our Mom’s road to Heaven.”

Before coming to Hospice, Lu had been bedridden for weeks. She was so happy when she arrived at Hospice, and staff were able to use the patient-lift to move her to a comfortable recliner. She was able to sit side by side with Stan, holding hands and enjoying the breeze and sunshine coming through the patio door, just like they’d always done at home. Stan could stop worrying about visitors and schedules and meals, and just be with her.

Every day, Stan and Lu would share their signature expression, “I love you now and for always.” Hospice staff and volunteers would often pop in through the day, just to spend some time with this sweet couple.

In an unexpected twist of fate, Janine’s husband Lenny received some terrible news. His mother, Arseline, had been diagnosed with inoperable cancer.

“Now, suddenly our other Mom was sick.
We couldn’t imagine how we were going to manage both Moms.”

Then the angels at Hospice stepped up again. My two Moms were now in rooms next door to each other at Hospice. Our support community grew even larger as both families gathered to spend special time with our Moms, while the amazing staff and volunteers cared for them.”

A time that could have been so isolating and lonely and sad became supportive and loving and caring…and even joyful at times. Our lives are richer because of Hospice. You provided a place for our Moms that was a home.”

The family has since purchased a bench in memory of Lu, which sits outside the room that represents her final home at Hospice. Janine says that the family stops by often to visit and pray. “We pray for all those families who will come after us and are walking a final journey with a loved one at Hospice.”

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