One Hospice Suite, Two Families – A Continuity of Care

January 2024

Two families, three patients, one room: Room 8.

In 2011 Dr. Bill McManus was admitted to the Windsor Hospice Residence. As he settled into his room, his family gathered, decorating the room to make Bill and his wife Kathleen, feel more at “home” at our Hospice. Even though he was only there for one day, Bill and Kathleen called Hospice, and specifically Room 8, their home.

Dr. Lesli Hapak, Bill and Kathleen’s daughter-in-law, shares that the family was “saddened to lose my father-in-law, Bill, but were so grateful for the care and support we all received from Hospice.”

Then, in the summer of 2022, the family was brought back to the Hospice Residence when Bill’s wife, Kathleen, was admitted. This time, the family already knew what to do, with items packed to decorate, ready to make Hospice a home for Kathleen.

When they arrived, they were brought down the hall, and lead, once again, to Room 8. “When they showed us the room, it took all of us aback for a minute, as we realized where we were. But, it very quickly felt comforting and familiar. Within no time at all, Kathleen made Room 8 her own room, with her own vibe.”

The Hospice team welcomed the McManus and Hapak families back into Hospice, and surrounded them with the same support and care that had become so familiar to them eleven years earlier. Kathleen passed away in July, and the family said their farewells to the staff and volunteers, and the comfort they had found – again – in Room 8.

It seemed, however, that this family was not finished with their connections to our Hospice. Lesli’s Mom, Bernice Hapak, was battling advanced cancer late in 2022, and her care team made the decision to move her to Hospice. “My husband, Tim, and I talked about it when we were advised that Mom was being moved, and wondered ‘what are the odds?’ that we would be back in Room 8?” says Lesli. “Imagine our surprise when we arrived to find her comfortably settled in that very room, once again!”

“I know that the suites are assigned to patients as they become available, but it seemed that we were destined to be in Room 8.”

“I know that my Mom, Bernice, really appreciated the care, and especially being able to enjoy the Hospice Holiday dinner event. The kids and grandkids all attended. It was our last celebration with Mom, and was so special to all of us.”

The team at Hospice is proud and grateful to have cared for Bill, Kathleen, and Bernice, as well as supported Lesli, her husband Tim, and all their family members. Our legacy of care in this community has granted us the privilege of caring for generations of families – it’s The Hospice Way.