2019 Spring Campaign



"There is something truly special about our Hospice and the support and hope so generously shown by our community. I am honoured and excited to have been selected as the Executive Director of the Hospice of Windsor & Essex County. As we celebrate the 40th year of our Hospice, I want to thank you for your amazing support. Together we are able to make a positive difference for people living with a life-altering diagnosis."                                                                                                                                                                   - Colleen Reaume, Executive Director of The Hospice of Windsor & Essex County

As we celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we have seen our Hospice evolve from a good idea to an awe-inspiring initiative comprised of community, health professionals, volunteers and most importantly, patients and families. The achievements of any organization are the result of the combined efforts of every individual, and volunteers are the heart and soul of our Hospice. From the earliest days, Mabel Gangnier believed in Hospice – she's a donor, a dedicated volunteer and a valiant advocate. Now, at 91 years young, Mabel is still an intrinsic part of our culture. With nearly 40 years volunteering at our Residential Home, Mabel continues to be the face – and the heart! – of our Hospice.

"My mother died of cancer when I was just 12 years old. She was so sick; so much of my memory of her is consumed by her suffering. She was never relieved of her pain...even as a child, I knew there had to be a better way. That stuck with me," says Mabel. When Mabel started volunteering at Hospice with her best friend Marie McMahon – the two were an inseparable team. In those early days, Hospice was an organization visiting patients at Metropolitan Hospital, offering compassion and comfort. They progressed to home visits – Mabel would get a referral call and off she'd go to offer companionship and respite in patients' homes. 

When the Residential Home opened in 2007, Mabel started doing volunteer shifts as a Personal Support Worker and then as a kitchen volunteer. She always had a unique way of making everyone around her feel special and welcomed. Over the years, her role with Hospice has varied, including a brief hiatus during the illness and loss of her beloved husband, Lee, in 2017. Even after her own loss, Mabel knew she would be back at Hospice. "The short time we had our parents; they set a good example – that's why I'm still volunteering at Hospice," says Mabel. Now she can be found every other Thursday at the reception desk at the Residential Home – still the welcoming face of our Hospice.

"I'll finish my life helping other people...that's the way it should be."

  - Mabel Gangnier, Volunteer at The Hospice of Windsor & Essex County

Forty years...

It's just the beginning, and with people like Mabel on our side we are unstoppable. And, with your help, we look forward to greater achievements, with even more patients and families held safely in our care. 

Thanks to you, Hospice can support, educate and empower those affected by a life-altering diagnosis. This goes beyond offering services and programs; our hope is to change the lives of our patients and families by allowing them to live each moment to the fullest. This year, your support contributes to the 40-year Hospice legacy of ensuring people will always have a helping hand when they need it, to help them find peace and ongoing hope at all stages of their journey.

Thank you for helping us change lives – together!

We may not change the outcome, we can only change the experience.