24th Annual Hockey for Hospice Tournament

December 27-29, 2019

OOMHA Divisions: IP/Tyke, Novice Major and Novice Minor Jamboree, Atom, PeeWee, Bantam (no checking)
OWHA Divisions: Novice Jamboree, Atom, PeeWee, Bantam (no checking)
$200 Registration Fee + Player Pledges


  1. This is an OMHA and OWHA sanctioned tournament. All OMHA and OWHA tournament regulations will apply.
  3. Team officials must submit their OMHA/OWHA approved team roster to the Tournament Office BEFORE the close of tournament registration by emailing HockeyForHospice@gmail.com
  4. SIGN-IN - Team officials will report to the tournament office prior to first game played. Presentation of their approved OMHA/OWHA roster for the current season will be confirmed against the roster submitted in Step 3. Only players officially rostered to your team will be able to play in the tournament. Strict attention will be paid to this. Rosters will be audited for compliance with OMHA and OWHA.             NEW THIS YEAR - All teams competing in a Jamboree format are also required to obtain and provide to the tournament prior to the start of the games, an Official OMHA approved roster (IP, TYKE and NOVICE) as per OMHA rules for the 2018 season.      
  5. Players who appear on OMHA/OWHA approved rosters are eligible to play in the tournament provided they submit a pledge before the first scheduled team game on December 27.
  6. All tournament games, with the exception of IP, Tyke, and Novice will be comprised of three ten-minute stop time periods. No curfew will apply. Please be prepared to play 15 minutes prior to scheduled game time.
  7. No overtime in round-robin play.
  8. Five point scoring system, with the exception of IP, Tyke, and Novice during round robin play. One point per period and two points per game.
  9. Points will be awarded for team pledges prior to the end of the first game played. with the exception of IP and Tyke. Points are being awarded for pledges in the following manner: 1/2 point for every $250 in team pledges to a maximum of 5 points. These pledge points will have a great impact on how your team finishes in the round robin portion of the tournament. As mentioned prior, there is no minimum nor maximum amount required to participate. To date this tournament has raised more than $2.9 million for Hospice. The team with the highest pledges in 2002 brought in over $10,000. Please ensure your players are receiving pledges, as all players will be asked for pledge sheets upon sign in.
  10. Ranking by points after round robin play, with the exception of IP, Tyke and Novice.
  11. If a tie in total points exists after round robin play, the tiebreaker for two teams with equal points will be:Cartoon of a boy wearing hockey equipment with a stick facing right.
    • Head to head record
    • Most pledges
    • Coin Toss
  12. If a tie in total points exists after round robin play, the tiebreaker for three or more teams with equal points will be based on pledges.
  13. Playoff game tied at end of regulation - teams will play 3-on-3 until SUDDEN VICTORY in order to determine a winner. The normal OMHA and OWHA rules will apply. *Please note that the biggest change to this rule will be that teams will now be permitted to CHANGE at TIME STOPPAGES. Teams can changes just like they would in a normal hockey game.
  14. Any and all protests or rule inquiries will be done in writing to the Tournament Committee.
  15. In the event that the Tournament Committee deems that a uniform colour conflict exists, the HOME team is required to resolve the conflict by altering their team uniform’s colour. Team officials will try to help resolve the conflict where possible.

Hotel information will be provided to our out of town participants upon request.