Face to Face Banner with a picture of a mother reading to a child in the Hospice lobby on the left, the Face to Face logo in the centre, and an older man and woman sitting with their faces together on a couch in the Hospice lobby.

Hospice Face to Face

Supporting the Fairley Family Hospice Transportation Program

Thank you to all of our Sponsors and Canvassers, we surpassed our goal of $90,000

Raised for 2019- $110,000 

Rasied from 2002-2019- $1,139,301.75

What is the Face to Face Campaign?

The Hospice Face to Face campaign was founded by John Fairley of TV Cogeco in 2003 to help support programs and services at The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County Inc. The campaign runs from August 15th - September 30th every year. This year, the 17th annual campaign will help to support the Fairley Family Hospice Transportation Program and we need your help!

One male and four female patients and volunteers gather in front of the Hospice Wellness Centre and a patient transportation van, driven by a female volunteer.

Did you know that in the past year alone, we have provided more than 9,000 rides to patients and their caregivers, bringing them to medical appointments, treatments or to the Hospice Wellness Centre for programs? Although we have 38 volunteer drivers who help us to run our transportation program, each ride still costs about $10 each way.

Each donation for Face to Face contributes towards the $90,000 we need to raise to continue our transportation program for another year. Your contributions will make an immediate and lasting difference in the community, ensuring that there is a helping hand and a much needed ride available to the patients and families who use our services.

How Can I Get Involved?

It's easy to step forward and support the Hospice during the Face to Face Campaign. Just follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Start by registering to collect donations by clicking the link on the left side or by calling Dana at 519.251.2558.
  2. Download your pledge forms and canvasser cards by clicking here. (We also have printed copies and lawn signs available at the Hospice you can pick up or we can mail to you).
  3. Talk to your friends, family, coworkers or neighbours about the Face to Face program and ask them to donate. All donations of $10 or more are eligible for a tax receipt.
  4. Bring your donations and pledge form(s) to the Hospice by September 30th and help to support patient transportation.
  5. Attend the wrap up and thank you event (details available in September 2018).

Thank you for your spirit of generosity and your ongoing support of the Hospice Face to Face campaign. It is thanks to friends and partners like you that we have been able to touch the lives of so many in our community.

Need Help?

Call Dana at 519.251.2558 or email her at dhyde@thehospice.ca.


*The purpose of the Face to Face Campaign is to support the Hospice Fairley Family Transportation Program. If a canvasser approaches you requesting financial support, and you do not feel comfortable providing cash donations or credit card information to the individual, please call Hospice at 519-974-7100 or go to www.thehospice.ca to donate directly to Hospice.