Are You Interested in Hosting a Third Party Event for the Hospice?

Thank you for your interest and your passion for the Hospice! It is people like you who help us to provide our programs and services at no cost to our friends and neighbours in the community. This page is designed to give you some information about hosting an event to benefit the Hospice.

What is a Third Party Event?

A third party event is an event hosted by people just like you. You, your friend or your committee will take the lead in planning and hosting the event, with the proceeds benefiting our patients and families at Hospice.

What Kinds of Third Party Events Are There?

Third party events can be a variety of different things. Some ideas that people have proposed in the past have included a family BBQ with pledges/donations collected for the Hospice, hair cutting events, sporting events, dinners, concerts and many, many more.

What are the First Steps in Hosting a Third Party Event?

First, come up with an idea and form your event planning group. The second and very important step is to contact the Hospice team. We would be more than happy to meet with you, hear about your idea, and help you to plan the next steps. A successful event needs a plan, a budget, estimate expenses and some ideas on how to raise money. A member of our Community Engagement and Advancement Team will help you to fill out an application and go over some planning tips about how to make your event successful.

Once your application has been finished, it will be reviewed by our Third Party Event Committee. The purpose of the Committee is to make sure that your event can be successful. They will look at our calendar of Third Party Events and make sure that someone else is not planning on doing something very similar at around the same time, or maybe trying to involve the same group of people. You can expect to hear from our Committee within 5-10 business days after submitting. More than anything, we want to make sure your event will be successful, so we thank you in advance for your patience!

How Do I Contact the Hospice Team

The Hospice team cannot wait to hear from you! You can contact a member of our team about your proposed event by calling Community Engagement and Advancement at 519.251.2576  or emailing

Where Can I Find a Third Party Event Application?

You can download a copy of the Hospice Third Party Event Application and complete it before your meeting with the Community Engagement and Advancement Team, or we would be happy to fill it out with you when we meet with you. Just let us know how we can help!

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