April 11

To Steve Bradie, President and CEO, Green Shield Canada.


The beginning of summer is a time of renewal and an excellent opportunity for me to reflect on the past year at The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County Inc.


To begin, I would like to take an historical perspective and go back to 1979 and the founding of our hospice. From the beginning, partnerships, corporate friends, volunteers and donors have been essential.


Green Shield Canada is a founding member of the Hospice! You have been with us for 34 years, providing a rich legacy of passion and capital to help us deliver our programs and services at no charge to this wonderful community of ours. You have consistently been there for our patients and families, helping us to provide programs and services.


Bill Wilkinson, the founder of Green Shield, and Dick Walker were passionate about the community. Their leadership with United Way was unparalleled.


From this, support spilled over to other community non-for-profits, including The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County Inc.


We have been happy to work with all of Green Shield’s leaders on community projects including Bob Myers, Wayne Banwell, David Garner, and now yourself.


Passion for the community continues to grow through your leadership and the commitment of your staff and volunteers. Irene Schiller, who currently sits on our Board of Directors has played a key role in the planning of and operation of our annual gala, exemplifying the community leadership roles that Green Shield fosters.


Congratulations on your very successful participation in Aon Hewitt’s Best 7 Employers in Canada for 2013! Irene was very proud to share your success with me. I agree wholeheartedly that, “Green Shield Canada is not your traditional benefits provider. We’re different and that’s a good thing.”


I believe that it is a great thing for our community and others across Canada to have a company like Green Shield to partner with.


Thank you, Steve, for your strong leadership and your continued support of so many not-for-profit agencies in this community.


You make a tremendous difference in the lives of people in Windsor and Essex County.


CAROL DERBYSHIRE, Executive Director, The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County Inc.

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