March 02

March 01, 2016 03:38 from Peter Langille

A partnership between Hospice of Windsor and the 26 Shoppers Drug Marts in the city has been announced today.

It's a combination of fundraising support as well as information sharing.
The connection came after the mother of one local Shoppers pharmacist ended up using programs at Hospice to help with her health situation.
Sheila Nayer needed transportation for her dialysis treatment, and the volunteer drivers told her about the free wellness programs.
She was so impressed she told her daughter Anisha, who is a Shoppers pharmacist and took the idea of supporting Hospice to a brainstorming session.
Richard Morell is the District Manager for Shoppers in Windsor, he says its a 2-way street:  "there'll be a lot of fundraising initiatives at the local store level, so our owners and their team members will be going out and networking in the community to raise funds and we'll be raising awareness for the programming of Hospice with signage and literature"
Anisha Nayar was impressed with how the Hospice programs helped her mother and she wanted to give back: "when I saw the change in my mom and how it really helped her in her recovery and the positivity from her I thought, I need to come check it out and see what it's about and see if I can help in any way"
Sheila Nayar says the Hospice programs helped her and her family get through her illness: "using their programs, the caring and sharing, the yoga, the other health programs, which made me smile again.  It took the stress off my family and that's how I ended up at Hospice"
Morell says one of the big events they'll be helping to promote is the annual Hospice LifeWalk, which takes place at the Ciocaro Club June 12th.
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