April 11

Web design firm on the cutting edge of development

The Hospice is proud to announce we have a newly redesigned website! Our Communications team has been working with the awesome minds at NYN Designs to create a site that showcases the best of Hospice, while providing outstanding information resources for patients, families, health professionals and supporters.

We are especially proud to share with you that all the people featured on our website are current volunteers and patients at the Hospice.

We would like to offer a huge thank you to the NYN Designs team, who created such an outstanding public web presence for the Hospice as a gift to the agency. The team worked tirelessly to create an integrated wellness calendar, an events calendar with the option to purchase tickets online for events, and also integrate our social media channels into one easy source. We invite you to explore their work and get as excited as we are about the finished product!

Over the coming months, the Hospice will be expanding the online content we have available, including more comprehensive photo tours of the Residential Home, and the Wellness Centre. We are also hoping to offer a variety of resources for patients and families particularly with respect to services available through Hospice.

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