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BOOK SALE: The Dynasties & The Three By: Bob Turner

Date / Time: December 31st 2021
8:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: The Hospice of Windsor & Essex County
6038 Empress St
Windsor, ON, CA
N8T 1B5
Purchase TWO Books: The Dynasties & The Three: $50.00: $50.00
Purchase THREE Books: The Dynasties & The Three: $75.00: $75.00
Purchase FIVE Books: The Dynasties & The Three: $125.00: $125.00
Purchase TEN Books: The Dynasties & The Three: $250.00: $250.00


We have copies ready for purchase and pick up!

Thank you so much for your interest in purchasing The Dynasties & The Three! By purchasing your copy not only will you enjoy a piece of Windsor sports history,  but you will also be directly supporting our Hospice. 

Once you make your purchase

1) You will be sent a confirmation email, please keep this email handy. 

2) To pick up your copy of the book, please visit The Hospice of Windsor & Essex County Administration Building (6038 Empress St. Windsor, Building #600) anytime Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM. 

3) Upon arrival, the doors will be locked, please use the silver buzzer on the left side of the door to let staff know the reason for your visit. Please note you may be asked for your name and a copy of your confirmation email for verification. 


In the book The Dynasties & The THREE and how Naismith’s game changed we have studied the evolution of basketball from December 1891 to the present.  There is an emphasis on CHANGE!  Changing rules, changing facilities, changing strategies, and changing fundamental skills.  There is an entire section on the three-point shot and what a difference it has made to today’s game.

And then most significant section in the book for Windsorites is section B on Dynasties’.  Herein, we study six basketball teams/organizations who have captured a minimum of two and a maximum of nine Canadian national basketball championships.  Twenty-six titles combined.  For each one of these organizations (Windsor Alumni, Windsor AKO, Windsor Club 240, Windsor Lancers men and women, Windsor Express) former players and coaches have identified All-stars and MVPs.  In addition, there is a compelling chapter about the best 60 Women players, in Windsor and Essex County in the last 60 years.

The book will be sold online through Hospice for $25.  100% of your investment goes directly to Hospice since we were fortunate enough to a quire sponsors who generously financed the printing of this book.  All other services , publishing and editing and writing were provided by volunteers, devoted to Hospice.