A nurse wheels a woman in a wheelchair

The Giving Tree

Visitors to the Hospice Wellness Centre may have noticed our Giving Tree in the main entrance. The Giving Tree is a meaningful way to celebrate a milestone in life such as a birth, wedding or anniversary, in honour/memory of a loved one or to celebrate your company. With an assortment of leaves, acorns, rocks and saplings, there are small and large options in a variety of price points available. To purchase a tribute on the Giving Tree, please make a donation in the amount of one of the following options. Once your donation has been received, our Donor Relations and Stewardship Specialist will contact you to determine how you would like your tribute inscribed.

  • Leaf - $1,000
  • Acorn - $2,500
  • Rock - $5,000
  • Sapling - $10,000

Photo of the Hospice Giving Tree in the Wellness Centre