A female medical resident consults with two male doctors and a female nurse in the hallway of the Hospice Residential Home.What is Hospice Palliative Care?

Hospice Palliative Care provides physical, social, emotional and spiritual support to patients and their caregivers from pre-diagnosis onward. The confusion, pain and stress that a family endures when a loved one is sick can be overwhelming. Life-altering diagnoses require treatment, but patients and their caregivers also require compassion and support.

The goal of Hospice Palliative Care is to provide the highest possible quality of life to those in our community who are suffering from a life-altering diagnosis. (We will work with patient and families to help them achieve the goals for their life changes and plans.)

What is the Supportive Care Team?

It takes the combined skill and experience of many individuals to properly care for the unique needs of each patient. To this end, we have assembled a team of professionals to support patients and their families and to work alongside caregivers and medical professionals in providing the highest possible quality of care.

Our team includes: