The Hospice is committed to providing holistic services to patients and their families, whatever their needs may be. Our Spiritual Care Services provides multi-faith spiritual and/or religious guidance to patients, family members and staff.

The Hospice Chaplains work hand in hand with our clinical team to ensure patients’ needs are assessed and addressed at every stage of treatment. Chaplains can offer an open, sensitive, and non-judgmental presence, with an acceptance of different beliefs, cultures and values. We aim to support the needs of each patient with compassionate care.

Spiritual care services are available to patients and families at no charge, during any stage of their journey. Types of services may include:

  • PrayerA middle aged male Hospice patient sits in thought with his hands folded over the handle of his cane and his chin resting on his hands, set against a brick wall backdrop.
  • Education about spiritual health and well being
  • Reconciliation ministry
  • Spiritual care treatments integrated into the patient care plan goals
  • Communications and teamwork with the faith community of patients, upon request
  • Bereavement ministry with the dying and their loved ones
  • Spiritual assessments and/or interventions
  • Facilitated connections to communities within the patients faith
  • Ethical consultations with the patient and family
  • Spiritual care for patients with life-altering diagnoses in or outside the home