Knowledge is empowering, and the Hospice is committed to providing the best and most current information for patients, family and caregivers. We offer a wide variety of materials available for loan to the public. There is no fee to sign out materials, and all resources are available on one month loans. It is available to the community, patients and families, and students as well as our staff. The Hospice Librarians are happy to research specific topics of interest and will forward a PDF of any information to a personal mailbox upon request at


We offer an Internet station in the Hospice library, and have librarians available daily to help you find resources that may suit your needs. Our books are also included in the Windsor Public Library catalogue at

Our Collection: Care is taken to choose quality materials that reflect a variety of perspectives on living with or caring for a person with a life-altering or chronic diagnosis. Many points of view are represented and offered in a variety of formats to address the interests and needs of people of all ages.

The Hospice Library lends books, DVDs and CDs for one-month periods on the following subjects:

  • Motivation and wellness
  • Guided imagery and relaxation
  • Nutrition
  • Pain control
  • Living with cancer
  • Cancer survivorship
  • End of life planning
  • Children's books on illness
  • Hospice palliative care
  • Grief - for men, women, children, teens and parents

Contact a member of our Library Services Team today at 519.974.7100.

For more information about the library please download our information brochure:

Click here to download the Library Brochure

Interested in What's New?

Please click here to download a PDF of the latest books added to our library

Need Help Organizing Your Own Library?

Purchase a copy of Organizing a Small Hospice Resource Library

This book is essentially written for a small hospice library, which is usually run by untrained library volunteers. The information here will give them a good starting point for a "user-friendly" library, and also suggestions for the library as it grows.

$30 + $5 shipping/handling. Please contact the Librarians at info@thehospice.caundefined or 519.974.7100 ext. 2222 to purchase.

Cover of the Hospice Library book entitled Organizing a Small Hospice Resource Library

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