The Centre of Excellence leads the Hospice’s teaching, learning and research initiatives, to ensure we are a leading national facility for those dealing with life-altering diagnoses. The COE is committed to improving the quality and accessibility of programs, services, and patient care by continually updating the standards of practice for all departments in the Hospice. We continually strive to advance both the art and the science of palliative hospice care.

A picture of two female volunteers reading books in the Hospice auditorium.

Working with the all Hospice staff in interdisciplinary teams, the COE ensures that academic knowledge is put into practice in our clinical settings. The COE is focused on the following:

1.    Quality Improvement
2.    Education Centre
3.    Best Practice, Evaluation & Research
4.    Risk / Safety

5.    Privacy

6.    Innovative Projects

We welcome all questions, comments and opportunites for collaboration!

Contact the Centre of Excellence:


Lisa Paolatto
Director, Centre of Excellence

Marina Pokrajac
Coordinator, Quality, Performance & Evaluation

Doreen Thibert
Coordinator, Education Centre