Face to Face Banner with a picture of a mother reading to a child in the Hospice lobby on the left, the Face to Face logo in the centre, and an older man and woman sitting with their faces together on a couch in the Hospice lobby.

Hospice Face to Face

Supporting the Fairley Family Hospice Transportation Program

Thank you for stepping forward and supporting the Hospice through the Face to Face campaign. Our volunteers are truly the heart of Hospice and allow us to offer amazing programs and services, like the Fairly Family Hospice Transportation Program, at no cost to patients, families and caregivers. We have created this page to empower you with all the tools you will need as a Face to Face donation collector.

If you need something else, or are just looking for a little personal help, please call Dana at 519.251.2558 or email her at dhyde@thehospice.ca.

Thank you and happy canvassing!

Fundraiser Toolkit Items for Download


Canvasser Business Cards

Picture of the Face to Face canvasser card that is available for download using the link below.
 Click here to download the Canvasser Business Cards

Pledge Sheets

 Click here to download the Pledge Sheets