7:30 AM, Wednesday, July 19, 2017
590 Lacasse Blvd, Tecumseh, ON


Wednesday , July 19-21, 2017

Each day we start off with swimming, biking, running and something different-Yoga, Fitness games etc. The children are split up in different groups according to their age and numbers in age group at the camp. Each day we have rotations from one station to another and these rotations change each day over the three days of camp. On the last day we hold a mini tri so each child can have a run through what he will be doing on July 29th race day.

Start 7:45, 11:30 each day and please have your child ready to go each day.

Refreshments-We supply water, Grapes, oranges, cookies, plus we change this up according to our donations of food for camp. On last day we are looking to have Subway on site to hand out subs after the mini tri is done.

Gifts-Each child will receive a free shirt, bathing cap, certificate of completion for attending camp, free entry into Unifor Canada Kids for Hospice Triathlon/Duathlon

For more information or to register please visit: https://raceroster.com/events/2017/12920/kids-for-hospice-camp

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To register contact us by phone - or online here.

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