The Hospice is governed by a Board of Directors who represents various sectors of our community. We rely on their guidance and the hard work of staff and volunteers to bring our services to the people of Windsor and Essex County.

Board of Directors 2014/2015

Dr. Mary Broga, President
John Blanken, Treasurer
Dan Amicone, Past President
Dr. Hakam Abu-Zahra, Member at Large
Frank Chalmers, Member at Large
Christine Davison, Member at Large
Dan McCulloch, Member at Large
Joan McSweeney, Member at Large
Veronique Mandal, Member at Large
Irene Schiller, Member at Large
Terry Shields, Member at Large
Stephen Truant, Member at Large
Jerry Udell, Member at Large
Jane Wiens, Member at Large
Joyce Xiuchu Zhu, Member at Large

Board Committees

Governance Committee    
Chair: Jane Wiens
Board Members: Dr. Mary Broga, Veronique Mandal, Dan Amicone, John Blanken

Finance and Audit Committee
Chair: John Blanken
Board Members: Terry Shields, Dan Amicone, Jerry Udell
Committee Members: Sherri Laframboise, Remo DiPaolo, Gord Moore

Quality Committee
Chair: Frank Chalmers
Board Members: Dr. Hakam Abu-Zahra, Joyce Zhu
Community Members: Catherine Schooley, Thom Morris, Gisele Prevost,
Laurie Freeman Gibb

Building/Property Management Committee
Chair: Dan McCulloch
Board Members: Dan Amicone    
Committee Members: Bill McPhedran, Garry Moore, Tony Aversa, Jason Keanes

Personnel Committee
Chair: Christine Davison
Board Members: Veronique Mandal, Dr. Mary Broga

Marketing & Communications Committee
Chair: Veronique Mandal
Board Members: Irene Schiller
Community Members:  Michellyne Mancini, Christina Calleja-Falconer,
Marion Fantetti, Christie Nelson

Community Engagement & Advancement (Fundraising) Committee  
Chair: Irene Schiller
Board Members: Veronique Mandal
Community Members: Emily Mullins, Jason Lucier
Advisor: Jamie Henderson

Volunteer Committee
Chair: TBA          
Community Members: Cheryl Thomson, Kathy Delmedico, Joanne Duffy,
Bill Marcotte, Marianne Angus, Cathy MacDonald, Shirley Bellmore, Bonnie Lelievre
Jenny Darwoski-Melnick (Erie Shores Campus)


Electronic Information Systems Committee
Chair: Christine Davison
Community Members: Ted Paterson, Julka Vlajic, Ron Truant,
Noella Truant, Adam Rybak    

Erie Shores Campus Committee
Chair: Joan McSweeney
Board Members: Terry Shields, Irene Schiller